What Does Fleet Tracking Cost?

What Does Fleet Tracking Cost? That’s like asking “what does a television cost?”. Like most things, the cost of something depends on a great deal of what you are needing or wanting. With a television, the size, features, the age of technology, and brand are all factors.

With GPS tracking and fleet tracking, the differences range in equipment, types of service, and how much data you need.

GPS tracking has two main components.

1. The GPS tracking devices 2. The GPS tracking service
1. GPS Tracking Devices or GPS trackers are devices that can be installed in vehicles or can be battery-powered and thereby do not require vehicle power. So, the first question in regards to price is whether you need a vehicle tracking device or a non-powered asset tracking device (trailer tracker, equipment tracker). Vehicle trackers range in price depending on how many features you need. The more features, the greater the cost. Many reputable fleet tracking companies, like Rhino Fleet Tracking, subsidize the cost of the tracking devices. While many of these GPS tracking companies will require a contract for “free” or subsidized tracking devices, Rhino Fleet Tracking does not. In terms of cost, devices can range from “free” to $39.95 to $1,500 depending on your needs. In most cases, you can expect to pay less than $200 for any typical vehicle tracking device with service.

2. GPS Tracking Service, on the other hand, is the way you consume the data generated by the GPS tracking devices. So, if you want to know, in real-time, where your vehicles or equipment are located, you need a service to do that. All services require monthly (or annual) subscriptions. Many require a contract. Generally, the more frequent your location information, the more you will pay. As such, asset tracking service, with just 1-4 locates a day might be around $10 per month where vehicle tracking at every-2-minutes, might start at $19.95 depending on the provider.

The best way to learn what GPS tracking costs is to have a conversion with a top-rated GPS tracking company.

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