Photography Tips for Your Trip to Germany

photokina-2016Taking the scenic route in Germany, may it be the Cathedral in Cologne or Neuschwanstein in Bavaria way up in the Alps, it will be inevitable that you take pictures of these beautiful sights and landscapes. To get the most out of your photos, learning some photography basics is not only essential but can also help you to maximize your trip by learning how to take gorgeous photographs that could become worthy of a National Geographic cover.

You do not need the most expensive equipment when it comes to taking good pictures. In fact, some people even believe that taking good pictures is an innate talent, regardless of the specifications of the camera you use. There is no shortcut to taking amazing pictures though there may be times that you get lucky. It takes time and practice to get things done right. It is good enough to invest in an entry level DSLR such as a Nikon D5100, a Nikon D3000 or a Canon EOS 600D. Whichever one of these three will make a good entry level camera that you can learn your tricks on. As a bonus, you can find all your camera and photography needs in Foto-Video-Media Sauter in Munich if you decide you want to take exceptional photographs after you have already arrived..

Apart from the famous German landmarks mentioned earlier, there is the Bradenburg in Berlin, The City of Weimar and The Romantic Road in Rothenburg ob der Tauber where you can take the most beautiful shots and produce interesting landscape photographs that are surely portfolio material. Since you already have your camera, you can consider getting an affordable tripod. If you have shaky hands, this will do the trick, alongside your camera’s timer function. Couples who travel together find the tripod the most useful tool for taking pictures without bothering other tourists and locals.

In photography, you never know when you will be able to get that amazing photo. Sometimes the most candid and unplanned click of the shutter makes for the perfect shot. However, when you do forget your camera and see something that you simply cannot pass up on, what better device to take your photo with but with your phone camera? Yes, even phone cameras can take high quality pictures. Simply wipe your lens clean, adjust your flash and you will surely get frame-worthy photographs. So, while sipping your coffee and devouring your pretzels in Café Fleur in Cologne, you can snap away with your DSLR or phone while relaxing. The only danger of having a smartphone that is good enough to produce good photos is its likelihood of supporting an extensive number of online games and applications that may possibly occupy you during travels. Whenever you are tempted to open these mobile applications, compose yourself, breathe in and just look around. With so many gorgeous spots in Germany, it will be a waste of time to bury yourself in online games.

Playing games is also like photography, with much practice you can learn the ropes and hit the jackpot with the most amazing shot. Another tip is if you are anal about getting all your shots done, you can make an itinerary and list all the shots you want to take. Make a mini storyboard with all your desired locations complete with camera settings such as the aperture, ISO, shutter speed and time of day or night. With much practice, you can even get the formula for different light settings. Do not be afraid to experiment and take shots regularly. You can also check out Photokina, the world’s biggest photography art fair held every two years in Cologne.

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