Incredible Apps for Busy Businessmen

siri-iphoneThe business world has been drastically altered by the overwhelming influx of technological advancements that has made the daily operations of companies more productive and hassle-free. Today, you can send a document through fax even though you only have an Internet connection and a webcam; you can conduct business activities even while traveling, and this is not confined only to calling up employees to check them up; and lastly, you can increase your sales just by utilizing the many benefits of the Internet, and other functions and features provided by many service providers online.

For sure, your business has its own slew of gadgets and devices aimed at boosting your productivity. The most common gadgets that businesses use in communication are the business telephone, the fax machine, and the smartphone, among others.

The smartphone represents one of the greatest additions to the devices that businesses can use to make even their idle time productive. Because smartphones are such tiny yet powerful devices, you can figuratively bring your business in your pockets: making presentations while on travel, conducting a video conference with your employees while on vacation, and sending email to fax messages while you are out of town for a meeting with a client are just some of the things that you can do with your smartphone. What makes smartphones more useful are the apps that can be used to accomplish business-related purposes, and these apps may be free of charge or may come with varying amount of fees.

In a bid to help the busy businessmen the most useful choose apps—these are not restricted to those that are exclusively for business use—we ran down some of the most useful devices that make work-related task a joy to accomplish.

  • If you spend much time going from place to place yet need to read stuff on the Internet but can’t because you’re moving, then you should try out Spoken Layer, an app available for iOS. Spoken Layer converts a webpage into a podcast so that you can listen instead of read while walking.
  • Some businessmen like continuity in their work, so that it would be perfect to have a Web browser that let you sync all your devices. Google Chromes does just that. With Google Chrome, you can take from where you left no matter what device you use—your iPhone, your iPad, or even your Android phone.
  • WolframAlpha is the perfect app for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and others who need an online computing machine. At $3.99 you can use this app in your Android phone or iPhone any where you are as long as you are hooked up to the Internet.
  • For an app that you can use the assistance of when you are on the road, the Robin is the best for you. This app for Android works the same way as Siri; that means that you can ask Robin for directions, gas prices, and weather, among others.
  • For a different note-taking experience, which can double as a file sharing app, you can use Evernote. Evernote allows you to store important documents, and web clippings, and then share them to your business associates or employees.
  • If you want ad-free reading of news, then avail the services of Prismatic. This is also an intelligent app, since it is able to become accustomed to your reading preferences and offer suggestion in line with your interests.

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