Going to the Cinema – The Change

There were days when booking a cinema ticket was a huge entertainment by itself. Usually, there were huge queues outside the cinema the heroes acting. The queues would generally consist of college students, youngsters and devoted fans of heroes. There would be a mad rush for the tickets, even though there was a line. Those were times when cinema was the only entertainment that was cheap and most available to the people. They were affordable too.

If a renowned hero was on the show, the crowd used to gather even before the ticket issuing counter was opened for the day. There were times, when fans would stand in line outside the cinema hall, even during the wee hours of the morning, to get the ticket to the movie, starring their favorite hero. Cinema halls flowed with people. Usually, families spent their day together, watching a cinema. Sometimes, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins would also join along.

However, with more entertainments available and with the ability to spend cash improving, people are not in a mad rush to view the cinema. The television and the internet have also spoiled the audience, as they are able to watch varieties of movies on their television sets or by downloading them from various websites. In the yesteryears, there were many housewives who spent their leisure time through cinemas, but now with more working women, the ladies do not spend much time on cinemas now.

But cinema will not die. There are die-hard cinema goers who are willing to spend two to three hours in the dim light of the cinema hall, to get the original theatrical impact of the cinema. There are many who like to visit the first show of the release of their favorite stars. Youngsters get to meet their friends at cinema halls. Those who have finished college or school like to join together for a movie outing. Senior citizens and housewives prefer to relax, by watching a regular movie in a regular cinema hall. Upcoming concerts can be viewed before making the booking.

However, the change is seen in how people book their tickets. Booking of cinema tickets can be done through offline or online bookings. Most of the bookings according to survey reports are through online bookings. No one has the time to go to the theater to do the booking. Online booking is much easier and convenient. The queues are for ID verification instead of booking of tickets. You can buy concert tickets, theater tickets and sports ticket through online booking or through offline booking.

Change is everywhere. Cinema is not the only entertainment available. People are more interested in concerts, theaters and sports to get entertained. The concerts and theaters which were affordable only by the elite in the yester years have become more affordable to the middle man. Though the rates have increased for such forms of performances, the standard of living has increased for an average citizen who can afford these entertainments.

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