Getting the Most Out Of Almost-Obsolete Equipment

desktop-printersFax machines, desktop printers, photocopiers, and maybe even the filing cabinets are office equipment that are about to go obsolete. But you don’t have to ditch them right away. You’ve invested on them when you purchased them so who cares if they are obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete as long as they still work.

Some businesses still use fax machines. Even with the proliferation of email to fax services or HP’s cloud-based printers, some businesses still use fax machines. Why? They have the same thing in mind, ‘why ditch the machine if it’s still working?’

Besides fax machines and desktop printers almost have the same functions. Printers today called smart printers have already gained independence from the desktop computer. Meaning they are already connected to the Internet by themselves and thus, can be used to receive fax sent from email. Fax machines no longer print grainy images or letters on thermal paper but print with the same quality of a desktop printer.

We still need print outs sometimes for courtesy, legalities and all so we might need the fax machines, desktop printers, and photocopiers. These machines can also be maximized for advertising and marketing. They can be used to print receipts, flyers and invitations in-house to save printing costs or when there is no more time to go to a printing press.

Desktop telephones can be obsolete in the future too with smart and android phones or with Bluetooth earpieces connected to computers and VoIP service capable. So it is too soon to give them up for obsolete because like desktop printers, they too are becoming ‘smart’ and wireless. There are also a lot of service providers offering business communication services that can be customized to make use of whatever equipment you have. There is email to fax services or VoIP services that can still make that old landline desktop telephone ring.

What’s more fascinating these days is that the office PBX could be expanded outside the four walls of the office and out to the world. Say, if your employees have their own smart or android phones that they own personally, you could just subscribe from a service provider to make all your employees android or smart phones connected with each other and with the desktop telephones in the office. Of course this is possible with conventional telephone technology but you sure will take up bills from overseas rates. The sweet thing is that most service providers are cloud based so they can offer less expensive rates for their services.

While it is true that having updated equipment helps a lot, investment on purchasing new ones should be done wisely, carefully and with the right timing. One advantage of not diving into purchasing new equipment right after their much hyped up release is that you have the chance to observe how they fare. After the release, reviews usually follow and that’s where you can get ideas whether you really need to upgrade or what you already have is just okay.

So while you watch the market for state of the art equipment that can boost your income, be as vigilant for business communication services being offered. Complementing your old equipment with new services is how you get the most out of them at least until the end of their lifespan.

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