Faster and Easier UV editing with Maya 2017

Maya 2017 just got better with its UV Editor improvements offering faster and easier 3D creation and editing. Every artist and animators know how important UV editing is when it comes to 3D workflow. Maya’s new UV Editor, Unfold3D, was introduced in 2015 providing improved layout tools, pinning, unwrapping algorithm and much more.

The 2017 version or update of Maya Unfold3D provides better performance, visuals, and organization. Talking about visuals and organizational improvement, the new UV toolkit adds more tools for controlling a selection of UVs, making the fine grain control of UV transformation easier and putting all the UV tools in a more visual and consistently organized location.

Maya Unfold3d UV toolkit

Here’s a list of improvements included in the Maya UV Editor Update according to Autodesk Maya:

  • The new UV Toolkit (seen in the image above on the left) adds a new dockable window that organizes all of the UV Editor tools into a familiar layout that is more visual.
  • Drag selection allows the user to paint select UVs or UV shells.
  • Selection constraints will allow the selection of UVs based upon constraints such as front or back facing, shell borders, etc.
  • Grow & Shrink UV selections easily in vertical, horizontal, or both directions.
  • Selection performance improvements and visual enhancements have also been made.
  • More consistent workflows between the UV Editor window and the 3D viewport.
  • Multicolor UV Shell display allows for easier identification of similar UV shells on the 3D mesh (such as left & right arms or legs).

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