Different Types of VoIP Phones


voip-phonesIf you are a small business owner, it is possible that you are still using a traditional landline phone system. This is understandable since high technology communication tools are usually costly and can only be afforded by medium-sized establishments as well as large corporations. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the functionality and convenience of a better telephone system such as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. As a matter of fact, when done with the right knowledge, choosing the best VoIP phone system and VoIP phone can even rake in more savings for you in the long run. So you have to know the basics first before deciding which service provider to choose.

This article will explain to you the different types of VoIP phones that are available in the market. It is important to know these types because each one caters to different needs. Knowing these types can help you decide better and choose which ones to purchase to create a complete set of a VoIP phone system that will best fit your business communication needs. Read on and find out about these different types.

The first type is the VoIP conference phone. As the name implies, this is used for making conference calls just like their analog counterparts. VoIP conference phones are typically installed where conferences are held like conference rooms or where multi-party phone calls can take place.

Next one is the desktop VoIP phone. This is the standard business class VoIP phone that can be found in offices. It connects the VoIP phone system to the Ethernet so that it hooks up to the office system. It also has functions and capabilities akin to a regular telephone.

Another VoIP phone type is the soft phone. This is simply a desktop application that has to be installed onto a desktop computer or laptop. This basically works by enabling you to make calls from your personal computer. This works best for users who are always outside their office premises, always mobile, or frequently travelling.

The USB phone is another type of VoIP phone. This is convenient since it hooks up to a computer directly through a USB port. Most users in the office use the USB VoIP phone with a soft phone application like Skype.

The next type of VoIP phone is the video VoIP phone. As the name suggests, it is a VoIP phone improved with functions to capture videos with a small built-in camera. This works best for businesses that depend on long distance calls to keep in touch with clients or partners who are miles away. This can substitute face-to-face interaction but still manages to keep in touch in a cost-effective way.

The last type of VoIP phone worth mentioning is the wireless VoIP phone. It has a Wi-Fi or DECT transceiver built within the unit which allows it to connect to an access point. With this, the user can be mobile and not be restrained in the office waiting for those important calls. Users can move freely while remaining on call.

Now that you know the different types of VoIP phones available, you can be assured that when you choose to avail a VoIP phone system, you can pick the right VoIP phone for your business needs. Just remember that each type serves a specific purpose. Be sure to know what your communication needs are and match them with the different VoIP phones available. Get to know VoIP features and packages from VoIP providers for more insights.

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