Converting PDF to Excel: Shining the Spotlight on PDF Converter Software

Wordy PDF files are not so difficult to convert compared to one that holds a series of tables and charts. Sites that offer free conversion services can transform these blocks of texts to Word files flawlessly. The same, however, cannot be said to contents that are ideally (or needed to be) converted from PDF to Excel. Paid software are best suited for these because they have the capacity to perfectly retain the format of the file. Of course, there is also an option to convert PDF to Excel online, but this is not highly recommended because free services often coincide with low quality.

pdf to excelApart from quality differences, software hold far greater advantages over free online conversion services. Different brands each have their unique features, but below is a list of functions that are common to all software:

  1. Unrestricted File Size Upload – This is by far the best feature of PDF conversion software. First off, if saved in high quality, PDFs will amount to more than 20MB per file. Since free online converters restrict the size of each file, these documents will of course be rejected. There will be a few diamonds in the rough that will do the job for free despite the size, but again, the issue here will be the quality.
  2. Formatting Accuracy – Understand that not all programs are created equal; therefore, not all conversion services will result to the same outcome. Some are written with fewer lines of codes, and the result of which are the low quality PDF to Excel conversions. In most cases, these transform the contents of the PDF in blocks — converting everything that is not a text into image assets. If editing then is the sole purpose of the conversion, these low quality versions will only result in frustrations. Users won’t be able to change cell sizes, input functions and more. In contrast, programs with far greater lines of codes will result to just the opposite of the above. They will take the time to read each pixel of the PDF if needed, and then transform them accordingly to what asset it should be. Naturally, more lines of codes meant investing greater number of hours in writing them, and not to mention the additional hours of testing, debugging and such. It’s just fair that companies charge for their product.
  3. Multiple File Uploads and Conversions – This feature is perfect for users with a stack of reports waiting on their virtual desks. If all these need to be converted, then they’d need something that can do the job in bulks to save precious time. Users can also convert PDF to Excel online in bulks, but they must stay within upload size restrictions.
  4. Wide Variety of Supported File Types – Free online services can convert pdf to jpg, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Software, on the other hand, aside from having the same choices, included the option to convert files to extensions compatible to older versions of word processing software. Some even included .epub, .wpd., and .xps, giving users greater versatility with their purchase.
  5. Other Awesome Features – These are not directly related to PDF to Excel conversions, but they are worth the mention. Users who need to convert the other way around sometimes need to combine several pages in one PDF sheet, or several files into one PDF file. There are also times when they have to change the orientation of the file, or specify which pages only need to be converted. And these are all possible with a PDF conversion software.

PDF conversion software are not everyone’s first choice, especially because users have to buy them. It is, however, the best choice for converting PDF to Excel. After all, it’s not just the programming perfection that people can reap from it. It has several other functions that may just prove to be beneficial.

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